The FreeBSD Project

FreeBSD is an operating system for a variety of platforms which focuses on features, speed, and stability. It is derived from BSD, the version of UNIX® developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large community.

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Latest releases


PC-BSD is a user-friendly operating system based on FreeBSD. Harnessing all the tools powerful tools of FreeBSD into an easy to use and install system.


Its advanced networking, security and storage features have made FreeBSD the platform of choice for many of the busiest web sites.

It is easy to setup and running on your personal hardware, or even skipping that step by hosting your web applications in the cloud.


FreeNAS is really cool, but I have no idea why they decided to use dojango.

Probably for the same reason the website looks the way it does.


FreeBSD is deeply customizable to fit your exact needs. This makes it perfect for specialized tasks with great demand for performance.